Best Offers CIPA 11750, Fender Mount Towing Mirror

CIPA 11750, Fender Mount Towing Mirror is one of the most popular product in the market. People who have bought CIPA 11750, Fender Mount Towing Mirror are satisfied with this product and highly recommend it to everyone.

  • Fits most cars and small trucks
  • Large 5 inch x 7 inch stainless steel head
  • Extends 15 inches from vehicle
  • Replacement mirror head available
  • Reduces blind spots for increased safety while towing

Product Description

The Fender Mount Towing Mirror fits most cars and small trucks. The 5" x 7" Stainless steel mirror head extends your vision by 15". Fender Mount Towing Mirrors are great for vehicles that tow large or long towables like boats, campers, trailers and more. This mirror provides better visibility for you to see what's around you as well as keep a closer eye on what you're towing. This easily installed Fender Mount Towing Mirror is perfect for a multi-vehicle owner with its easily adjustable arms and no tool installation. It can easily attach and detach according to the need of the vehicle. The Fender Mount Towing Mirror does initially require some light assembly. This mirror consists of six components, but once you have it together it is pretty easy to adjust and install. The Fender Mount Mirror sits over the top of the fender. The mirror attaches using three bracket arms. The bracket arms contain hooks that are rubber coated to protect the finish on your vehicle. The top arms of the bracket system go onto the hood line, where it meets the fender. The hooks will not interfere with the opening and closing of the hood. The hook on the bottom grabs below the bottom edge of the fender. This mirror works best with fenders that are all metal and do not have plastic trim. The mirror head is able to adjust up, down, and side to side utilizing a ball and socket design. The arm that holds up the mirror head is also rotatable. You can loosen the knob on the arm and position the mirror head anywhere you need it. This is a relatively clean installation on your vehicle. It would be great for any temporary situation that you need to get some extra vision behind you. This unit is constructed of steel with chrome plating. All necessary hardware, components, and instructions are included. Mirrors come one to a box. A replacement mirror head is also available for this model (part number 95117).

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CIPA 11750, Fender Mount Towing Mirror

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